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The range of professional development opportunities available though MLATS has grown since 1993 when the first course (the 10-day MLATS Core Course) was developed. Since that time thousands of teachers from all Education sectors, Independent, Catholic and State schools in South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Japan have participated in our courses.

Our workshops are constructivist in nature and intentionally seek to develop participant’s own knowledge and understanding of mathematics and numeracy, of how students learn mathematics and develop numeracy, and which give them the opportunity to develop a range of strategies to support learning in a range of educational settings.

In addition to the MLATS Core Course we offer a range of focused workshops designed to address specific topics related to learning and teaching.

MLATS workshops are facilitated by accredited MLATS presenters. MLATS philosophies align with the IB/PYP Program and all workshops qualify for Targeted Programs funding. Read on for brief descriptions of our courses and workshops. To find more detail select a course from the menu to the right or download the current Course Guide (pdf format).


MLATS Core Course

The MLATS Core Course has been designed to give a broad overview to the learning and teaching of mathematics in Reception to Year 9 classrooms. This course is accredited through Professional Development Pathways and participants can use it to gain credit towards higher degrees, e.g. Graduate Certificates, Masters.

This course consists of 10 workshops, totaling 60 hours, spread over four school terms and is suitable for Reception-Year 9 teachers.  A core course specifically designed for teachers in Middle schools (years 6-9) is available, numbers permitting.

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Intervention Program

Some students, despite our best attempts in the classroom, are not making satisfactory progress in learning mathematics. This course aims to support personnel working with these students to improve their mathematical learning.

This program is suitable for Classroom teachers, Learning Support Teachers, LAP volunteers, School Services Officers, Parents, and Tutors.

There are 7 workshops each 2.5 hours.

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How To Use... Series

The How To Use... series of workshops have been designed for teachers who are looking for new ways to use materials to help students develop their ideas about a range of mathematical concepts. Learn how to use Welford Blocks, Cuisenaire and more.

Workshops are 2 hours and suitable for Reception to Year 9 teachers.

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Learning & Teaching... Series

The MLATS Learning & Teaching... series of workshops have been designed for teachers who are serious about developing learning environments where all students are supported in developing their mathematical knowledge. Learning and Teaching topics include the four processes, place value, fractions and more.

Workshops are 2 to 3 hours and suitable for Reception to Year 9 teachers.

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MLATS in the Classroom

These workshops have been designed for teachers to view aspects of learning and teaching mathematics in the classrooms of accredited MLATS teachers. The aims of the workshop are to provide opportunity for teachers to visit other teacher's classrooms to focus on particular aspects of learning and teaching mathematics.

Workshops run for 2-3 hours and are suitable for R-9 teachers.

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MLATS Strategies to Support Learning... Series

The MLATS Strategies To Support Learning... Series of workshops have been designed for teachers who want to implement or develop strategies to support learning in the mathematics classroom. These workshops seek to help teachers revisit and expand the strategies explored in the MLATS core course.

Workshops are 2 hours and suitable for Reception to Year 9 teachers.

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MLATS in the Pre-School

MLATS in the Pre-School has been developed in response to requests from pre-school teachers who want to focus on and enhance the opportunities for the development of numeracy in their setting. An action research model will be adopted to meet the needs and interests of the participants.

Three full day workshops in Terms 1-3. This workshop is suitable for people working in pre-school settings and teachers of early primary students.

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MLATS for Parents

MLATS for Parents workshops have been designed for schools and teachers who wish to inform their parent community about changes to the learning and teaching of mathematics. Two types of workshops have been designed: One for an MLATS presenter to come into the school or pre-school to work with parents, the other for teachers to learn how to plan and conduct successful workshops for parents.

Suitable for schools wishing to educate the parent community, workshops are 1.5 hours in duration.

MLATS for Parents 1

These workshops have been designed for an MLATS presenter to plan and conduct workshops for parents in collaboration with the school. The aims of the workshops are to improve parents’ own understandings of a wide range of mathematical concepts and how their children learn mathematics.

MLATS for Parents 2 - Constructing Parent Workshops

This workshop has been designed for teachers who wish to run parent workshops in their own schools.

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Developing Numeracy through Literature

Children love books and there are many excellent books that present mathematical situations that can be used to develop numeracy skills. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experience some of these books and consider what children might learn through taking the ideas from the books and using them in creative ways.

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International Program

MLATS have a range of courses available which now includes a 3, 4 or 5 day program tailored specifically for International schools.

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