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Mathematics Learning & Teaching for Success

MLATS in the Classroom

These workshops have been designed for teachers to view aspects of learning and teaching mathematics in the classrooms of accredited MLATS teachers.

The aims of the workshop are to provide opportunity for teachers to visit other teacher’s classrooms to focus on particular aspects of learning and teaching mathematics, for example,

  • Questioning
  • Student recording
  • Journal writing
  • Whole class sharing
  • Learning environment
  • Role of the teacher
  • Assessment
  • Learning activities

The workshop process allows participants to:

  • observe and experience MLATS in practice
  • reflect on, and discuss, their observations in a structured way
  • see and hear how other teachers implement and manage the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Workshops run for 2-3 hours, and are suitable for Reception to Year 9 teachers.

In the Classroom
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