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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do an MLATS Course?

Here is some advice given by attendees for those considering an MLATS course:

  • Do it! Highly recommended – but be prepared to be challenged and to change your teaching style. The benefits for the students are FANTASTIC!
  • Motivates you in Maths!
  • It’s well worth doing – challenges the way I think and teach my Mathematics. Provides ways that I can share with my colleagues.
  • I tell people that it’s the most valuable and useful training that I’ve done.
  • JUST DO IT! Very valuable in terms of time to share, gather ideas and enhance maths understanding.
  • Lots of fun – a good balance between practical activities and theory.
  • As a newly graduated teacher it built on and confirmed what I had learnt at Uni. It gave me lots of practical activities and the sharing of ideas was extremely useful. It was also great to actually try out ideas.
  • It’s definitely a worthwhile program to be involved in. It provides “real” methods for teaching mathematics across year levels.

Will this training be accredited through Pathways?

YES. The MLATS 10 day Core Course is accredited through Pathways, which means teachers can use MLATS to gain credit towards higher degrees, eg. Graduate Certificates, Masters.

Can MLATS courses be done to satisfy Training and Development (T&D) requirements?

YES. All MLATS courses can go towards your T&D hours.

Will I receive a certificate for the course?

YES. Participants will receive a certificate at the completion of each workshop or course.

Where can I purchase the materials recommended by MLATS?

Recommended materials for pre-schools can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) by downloading the MLATS Preschools Materials Order Form.

Recommended materials for schools can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) downloading the MLATS Schools Materials Order Form.

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