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MLATS for Parents

MLATS for Parents workshops have been designed for schools and teachers who wish to inform their parent community about changes to the learning and teaching of mathematics. Two types of workshops have been designed: One for an MLATS presenter to come into the school or pre-school to work with parents, the other for teachers to learn how to plan and conduct successful workshops for parents.

MLATS for Parents 1 - Informing Parents

These workshops have been designed for an MLATS presenter to plan and conduct workshops for parents in collaboration with the school.

The aims of the workshops are to improve parents’ own understandings of:

  • A wide range of mathematical concepts
  • Working mathematically
  • The language of mathematics
  • How their children learn mathematics.
  • A range of workshop topics is available, including:
  • Pattern and Algebra
  • Space and Measurement
  • Learning about the Number System
  • Fractions

Workshops can be designed to meet the particular needs of the school’s parent community. They are suitable for schools wishing to educate the parent community. Workshops are 1.5 - 2 hours in length.

MLATS for Parents 2 - Constructing Parent Workshops

This workshop has been designed for teachers who wish to run parent workshops in their own schools.

The aims of the workshop are to assist teachers in planning parent workshops by giving support in:

  • The timing and structure of the workshops
  • Clarifying the purposes of the workshops
  • Presenting main ideas
  • Learning activities
  • Handouts and readings
  • Using video as an illustration of aspects of the mathematics curriculum

The workshop process allows teachers to plan a parent workshop, or series of workshops, in a collaborative setting. Workshops are 2 hours long and suitable for teachers and schools wishing to educate the parent community.

MLATS for Parents
Informing Parents
Constructing Parent Workshops
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