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How to use.. Series

The MLATS How To Use… Series of workshops have been designed for teachers who are looking for new ways to use materials to help students develop their ideas about a range of mathematical concepts.

Course Aims & Content

These workshops aim to support participants in:

  • learning new ways to use the same set of materials to explore a range of mathematical concepts
  • constructing learning activities to enable all students in a class to participate in ways that build their knowledge

The workshop process involves participants in:

  • actively engaging in a wide range of learning experiences using the materials
  • identifying the mathematical concepts explored through the activities
  • constructing similar activities to use in their own context

Workshops are 2 hours duration and and are suitable for Reception to Year 9 teachers.

Workshop Topics

  • How to use Welford Blocks
  • How to use The Brick
  • How to use Geo 41
  • How to use Geo Boards
  • How to use Fraction Kits
  • How to use Grids & Counters
  • How to use Cuisenaire
  • How to use Pattern Blocks
  • How to use Polydrons
  • How to use Games
  • How to use 2D shape sets
  • How to use 3D shape sets
  • How to use Linking cubes


How to Use Games

Games are a very familiar situation for most children. They are an ideal, non-threatening yet highly motivational resource for stimulating mathematical thinking, practice and activity. This workshop will focus on using dice, dominoes, playing cards and calculators as well as other readily available resources in the mathematics classroom.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a range of whole class, small group and individual games that all focus on different aspects of number. There will be time to consider how the games can be adapted for use with a wide range of learners. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed a bank of games ready to go.

Purchase Materials

The materials recommended by MLATS can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) by downloading an order form.

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