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About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of Teachers, Principals and Administrators from Schools in Australia.

What do we do?

We offer a range of professional development opportunities for teachers.

Why do we do it?

Our vision is that all people will develop a positive attitude to mathematics, be enabled to view the world mathematically and use mathematics successfully to meet their needs.

Our Aims

MLATS aims to offer high quality, innovative professional development to educators (teachers, parents) to maximise opportunities for all students to achieve high standards of learning.

Our high quality professional development courses are:

  • conducted, in the main, over an extended period of time (e.g. a term to a year). In this way we acknowledge that participants need time to reflect on and build on their knowledge and practice, and that real change takes three to five years to consolidate
  • delivered through workshops where participants are expected to plan a classroom trial, implement it between sessions and bring results to share with colleagues at the next workshop. When participants are expected to take something from a workshop, and try it, they are more likely to add this to their repertoire of teaching approaches
  • designed, in the case of our shorter workshops (i.e. 2 hours-1 day) to give participants additional information to what they gain in the longer term workshops. They are designed to be undertaken in addition to, and not instead of, our longer courses

The workshop process involves:

  • professional input of best available research and practice (through reading, presentation), hands on experience of mathematical concepts, reflection on these activities, planning for classroom trials and sharing aspects of classroom practice
  • a range of activities to develop conceptual and procedural understandings
  • supporting participants in implementing and managing a constructive learning environment through a range of strategies
  • collaborative planning
  • sharing, which allows time for continuous inquiry onto the issues faced by educators when working with students
  • using a range of strategies that promote continual development/improvement in knowledge, understanding and practice

Feedback and Evaluation

  • Regular feedback is gathered from participants and this information is used to guide the presenter in the decisions made regarding resources, content, timing etc
  • Independent evaluation of our courses informs the continual development of our product

Our Background

MLATS (Mathematics Learning and Teaching for Success) was developed in 1993 in response to teacher requests for professional development in mathematics. It was developed by teachers for teachers, and the initiative was supported by the Lutheran Schools Association.

The first course (the 10 day core course) was delivered to twenty teachers from Lutheran Schools in South Australia. Since that time, thousands of teachers from all Education sectors, Independent, Catholic and State schools in South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Japan have participated in our courses.

The aims, the core structure and the process of the course have remained relatively the same over the years, but specific details have been constantly updated in response to participant feedback, national initiatives, emerging research findings and the changing needs of teachers.

Recently there has been a surge of interest in MLATS from local interstate and international educators with many participating in our shorter courses and workshops.

The Rationale for MLATS

The teaching of mathematics is a complex business, and in the busyness of school life, teachers often do not have time to reflect on the teaching and learning cycle, on what is working well and on what could be improved. Additionally, many teachers have expressed a lack of confidence in their own mathematical knowledge, which in turn impacts on their teaching of mathematics.

The interplay between school mathematics and the development of numeracy is complex. MLATS core course offers a broad introduction to the teaching and learning of mathematics and numeracy, and seeks to help participating teachers identify the mathematical knowledge that students should be learning, and makes explicit the teacher's role in supporting all students to be successful.

Our broad range of other workshops and short courses are designed to meet the needs and interests of teachers.

Our Foundation Staff

Andrea Broadbent - Director
Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Graduate Diploma of Theology (Lutheran Education), Bachelor of Education (Professional Development), Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education

Andrea began her teaching career in a small rural school in 1982. Since that time she has taught students aged from 4 years to 13 years both as a classroom teacher and as mathematics support teacher. Throughout the 1990’s she was involved in the development and presenting of the MLATS (Mathematics Learning and Teaching for Success) course whilst raising five children. She is now the Managing Director of the MLATS company which offers a wide range of professional development opportunities for teachers of Kindergarten to Year 9 students.

Margaret Linke - Director
Diploma of Teaching (Middle Primary) Bachelor of Education (Special Education) Graduate Diploma of Theology (Lutheran Education) Graduate Diploma of Education (Literacy & Language) Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education, MACE

Margaret entered the teaching profession after spending some years in a range of administrative roles in industry. She worked as a classroom teacher with students aged from 8 years to 13 years for 12 years, before taking on the role of professional development coordinator for Lutheran schools in SA, NT and WA. During her 7 years in this role Margaret developed and delivered workshops and courses in Literacy and Numeracy, and it was during this time that MLATS was developed and trialled successfully. Margaret who is a director of MLATS has been Principal of St Peters Lutheran School at Blackwood in South Australia since it was opened in 1999.

About Us
Who Are We?
What Do We Do?
Why Do We Do It?
Our Background
Our Aims
Rationale for MLATS
Our Staff
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